Partnering with you maximize fiduciary protections and the participant outcomes offered by your 401(k) plan.
Five key tenants of an effective 401(k) plan -
1) - The Importance of Plan Design

Plan design affects every aspect of your plan. Most of the common plan related headaches employers experience can be traced to mistakes or missunderstandings made during the design process.

Most employers are not retirement plan experts and that is the reason they hire qualified advisors and a knowledable third-party administrator. While this is clearly a sound approach picking the right adivisors isn't always easy. A large percentage of employers don’t fully understand just what the third party administrator (TPA) does. How can you ask questions about something that you do not know you need to ask about? If you are not sure of what the TPA does then it is difficult to figure out who is really an expert and who is not.

2) - Investment selection and monitoring
3) - Managing fiduciary exposure and maximizing protections
4) - Participant education
5) - Plan services architecture

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