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Accredited Investment Fiduciary - AIF®

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Blending Experience, Service & Technology to make a better 401(k)

Since 1994 Millikin Mandt Associates,Inc. has been at the forefront of applying technology to simplify the day-to-day workings of your 401(k) plan, to increase the investment opportunites avaiable to your employees and to make your plan more cost efficient.

Millikin Mandt Associates, Inc. offers access to thousands of mutual fund options from hundreds of investment management companies.

Daily account valuation and internet account access provides your participants with all of the tools they will need to manage their individual account.

From advisory to fiduciary services to recordkeeping and administrative services - MMA has a demonstrated track record of providing superior results.

Thinking of making a change in 401(k) plan providers? Talk to Millikin Mandt Associates and make your next 401(k) plan change your last change.

Millikin Mandt Associates, Inc. A premier provider of 401(k) Plan Investment, Recordkeeping and Administrative Services.

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