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IRA Distribution Strategies Expert


Accredited Investment Fiduciary - AIF®

Experience is generally considered a good thing. Particularly in the areas of investment and plan administration, experience could be said to be essential. It can take 15 years or more to become proficient in these fields. We each offer more than 25 years of exposure to the ups and downs of the markets, seemingly endless changes to plan related laws and regulations and helping people like those in your retirement plan achieve their retirement goals.

Perhaps it’s just another lesson that comes with experience but once you’ve been around for awhile it is also easy to be complacent in your efforts and over confident in your beliefs. We must always be open to reexamination.

When it comes to the financial markets all we know for sure is that things will change. Having been there when the market dropped 25% in a single day and a year where some mutual funds were up 300% and 400% helps shape your perspective on investing. While we never become complacent in our recommendations, experience has given us a good education as to what works through many types of markets. Maybe most important, we have a good idea of what works when it comes to keeping plan investors on the right track through markets good and bad. Even the best investment options won’t work if no one has their money invested in them or if excess volatility causes people to enter and exit a fund at precisely the wrong time.

Our objective is to create an environment where plan investors just “get in the way of success”. That means offering investment options we believe will be found in the top 25% in their categories 5 years from now and trying to avoid investments that often cause participants to make bad decisions because of volatility.

Experience is what gives us the confidence that we can achieve that goal. Our history of success is, in part, responsible for the longevity or our client relationships.

And for the retirement planning and execution stage Kristi Mandt, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and a Master Elite IRA Advisor of Ed Slott from 2007 through 2010 provides expert level advice on how to turn your retirement savings into retirement income, as well as, advice on estate and succession issues.


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