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IRA Distribution Strategies Expert


Accredited Investment Fiduciary - AIF®

Plan design and the day-to-day operations are important factors in a healthy retirement plan but participation and investment performance form the backbone of any plan and will have the greatest impact on employee's retirement asset gathering quest. 

Expecting to have mutiple investments that are all in the top performing class year after year isn’t a likely outcome.  That doesn't mean it is necessary to settle for a mundane line-up of index funds or ETF's either (we are capable of offering either or both). It has been our experience that plans that offer investments with a demonstrated history of providing consistent results through all market environments are likely to have happier and wealthier participants.

Finding the best performing investments from the past is a simple task. Finding investments that are likely to perform well over the next five or ten years is another proposition entirely.

History is all we have to work with yet we know that the next five years will be different than the past five years whether better or worse, we do not know.

Selecting managers that performed well during one period doesn’t guarantee success either as that success could well have been dependant on a particular economic or market climate.

So how do we go about finding our recommended funds? What goes into the screening process? What qualities of a fund receive higher consideration than others?

The most successful investment managers we know tend to make investments based on criteria that is universally relevant in most any economic environment. Managers that view each investment they make as if they were going to buy the whole company; this is the same type of criteria investors like Warren Buffet employs when analyzing a company for purchase.

These managers ask questions like: How much cash does this company generate each year? Who is the competition and are they likely to take market share away from our company? How much am I paying for this company—is it worth it? Do I think I can make at least 10% annualized return on investment over the next 5 years if I buy this company?

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