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IRA Distribution Strategies Expert


Accredited Investment Fiduciary - AIF®

With 401(k) plans replacing pension plans as a primary source for retirement income, providing your employees with a high quality 401(k) platform has never been more important. Yet, in spite of the impact a poor plan has on the quality of life at retirement we see articles and investment advice pieces with titles like “Make the most of a lousy 401(k)”. There really is no excuse anymore to settle for a lousy 401(k).

Back when we started working with retirement plans a voice-response system was “high-tech” and computers had less memory than today's camera memory cards. Fortunately, those days are gone.

Technology has revolutionized the delivery of 401(k) plan and participant services. Importantly, it has ceated a whole new world in the area of investment selection and diversification.

20 years ago you had a choice of using one fund company’s product – a product where maybe two out of ten investments were reasonably good. Or you could choose some insurance backed program that provided access to a greater diversity of investment talent but at a very high price and maybe locked you into the product for ten or twelve years.

As advisors to retirement plan sponsors we became frustrated with what we viewed a systemic mediocrity – so we took the steps necessary to change that. We wanted to create an offering that allowed our client’s participants to invest in funds because they were among the best in the category. We wanted to use investments from one company that might be good at fixed income investing, international investments from a company that was good in that area, domestic stock funds from another fund company, etc. We wanted an environment where we could choose our investment options based on merit rather than whose name was on the door. That platform didn't exist so we created it. 

We don't claim to have invented the concept (or the internet) but we were among the first to actually impletment the "open-architecture" concept into a working platform. Continued...


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