Your Recordkeeper Matters

The recordkeeping system employed by your 401(k) plan will control almost every other aspect of the plan. For example, if the system does not offer daily valuation then timely reporting becomes virtually impossible. If your plan employs a system that is proprietary to a given mutual fund or insurance company, then the selection of investment options will be determined by that vendor. If the recordkeeping system is not designed to generate administrative reports or interface with plan administration systems then the time and effort required to administer the plan will be greater, as will the cost of plan compliance.

Most 401(k) plan related recordkeeping systems are designed to perform a single function, daily valuation or plan administration, for example. Our recordkeeping system is very unique in that it was designed with a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the plan. The logistics of investments, the requirements of plan compliance and the demands of communicating with both participants and the plan sponsor are all integrated into a single system.

As for investment opportunity our systems can value just about anything with a share price or documentable value. This means the investments you offer within your plan may be selected entirely on their merit.  An ESOP or company stock purchase plan can be included. The only limitation on the number of investment options you can offer is the number that will fit on our statements. We can custom design that for you too, and in most cases, for no additional charge.

Recordkeeping is everything when it comes to providing a superior retirement program. Our recordkeeping system is second to none.

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