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Accredited Investment Fiduciary - AIF®

Why Millikin Mandt Associates, Inc ?

MMA – a local company with the power of a giant.

We are 401(k) specialists with over 25 years experience offering plan-related services. We are able to offer virtually any packaged product from a mutual fund or insurance company and are thoroughly familiar with the features, benefits and costs of both.

We also offer a true open architecture platform using proprietary recordkeeping software. In many cases our platform offers plan sponsors and most importantly plan participants better investment opportunities and with lower overall fees than in packaged products.

Technology allows us access to literally thousands of investment options. From those thousands of possibilities we have hand picked a dozen or so funds that have demonstrated an ability to provide returns that consistently measure in the top tier of competing funds. You can have 10 choices or 50 choices at no additional cost.

If one fund doesn’t work out we can replace that fund without disrupting the whole plan infrastructure. We don’t care what fund company’s name is on the door - we do care about long-term consistent performance.

Combine this platform flexibility with over 25 years experience in plan design and administration and you truly have an opportunity to provide a premier 401(k) progam to your employees.  

Our experience and technology deliver:
  • Reduced amount of time you spend on plan related tasks
  • A cost efficient plan framework
  • Superior plan investment opportunity
  • Fiduciary assistence
  • Twenty plus years experience in all plan related diciplines

Few 401(k) providers offer as high a  level of investment flexibility. Fewer yet do so as cost efficiently while still providing a high level of service.

The Millikin Mandt Associates Advantage 


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